MTKDroid Tools 2.4.8 for rebuilding IMEI process..
Root your phone via vRoot/iRoot/Kingoroot or your preferred method in rooting you device.
Your phone must be rooted first.
Download MTKDroidsTool version 2.4.8 and version 2.5.3 up
Enable your USB debugging in Developer Option (you also need this in rooting your phone via PC)
Okay in your PC — Open MTKDroidstool version 2.4.8 (Mtkdroidstool.exe) first.
Make sure that you connected your phone already.
Still in Mtkdroidstool — Click ROOT
In your phone — A pop up dialogue will appear, just grant or allow it.
In your PC — If root shell is granted/allowed, Click in IMEI/NVRAM tab.
If it is grayed out this is the time when you open the MTKDroidsTool version 2.5.3.
Enter your original IMEI
Click Replace
Reboot your phone
Now Enjoy!!!!!


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