FALSH WITH ODIN 3.09.  Open Odin and go in Download Mode with your phone: Shutdown the phone and later press: VOL. DOWN  HOME AND LATER POWER,wait and put the phone on PC. Press button AP and download this Tar file: N915FYXXU1BOC3_N915FYDBT1BOD1_N915FYXXU1BOB5_HOME.tar and wait with patience maybe 2 minutes,when the file is visibile in Odin is Ready for press Start button and wait about for 14 minutes and your phone is READY FOR USE-ENJOY…. Copy in SD CARD UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.14 and later put off your phone in download mode for install Recovery CWM. The process is the same,click the AP button and later Start. When is ready restart your phone but now press: VOL. UP HOME AND LATER POWER  now install zip from sd card and choose UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.14– restart and FINISH!!!



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