Samsung Galaxy S6 Clone – Is it worth it?
Over the past few years, the mobile industry has grown in great leaps and bounds. It is loaded with many intuitive items and unbelievable products that can blow you off your feet! And, a famous brand in this field would be “Samsung”.
With more that 50+ releases in their kitty, Samsung is used by more than 3/5th of the world. Doesn’t sound like a very big number? Yes, it certainly is. Conversely, a new addition into the brand’s hefty collection of phones would be the “Samsung galaxy s6 clone”. This article revolves around the technical features and aesthetic looks of the Samsung galaxy s6 replica. Consequently, if you are ought to buy a brand new phone, the next few lines will definitely prove to be helpful.
The real, authentic Phone
According to reliable sources, Samsung galaxy s6 has the ability to put the brand back into No 1. Hype about this Smartphone came into light several months before the actual release date. However, Samsung galaxy s6 clone is here to reduce the success rate of the original phone! Conversely, very few reviews about Samsung galaxy s6 clone are found online.

A so-called Nice Samsung Galaxy S6 Clone

To begin with, Samsung galaxy s6 clone is a very simple yet nice gadget. Everyone knows that there are many Chinese manufacturers with the right kind of technology and resources to replicate any kind of device in the market. Ironically, these manufacturers tend to launch clones that would delight potential buyers. The cloned devices make sure people with very small budgets are able to enjoy trendy Smartphones (that look like authentic phones) at a smaller price. Goophone launches the Samsung galaxy s6 replica few months ago. The look-alike phone is sold at a rock bottom price of 169 USD. To be more precise, worldwide shipping is a part of this price tag. You can purchase Samsung galaxy s6 clone from Goophone’s official webpage.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Clone COMPARISON 

Crystal Clear Differences! Technical Stats!
Though the Samsung galaxy s6 clone looks just like the original Samsung Galaxy S6, there are prominent differences between the two different models. This is a statement devoured by traditional users, with very little insight into the world of Smartphones. It is extremely obvious that the phone does not perform or even feel the real one. Technically, there are many differences between the authentic Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung galaxy s6 clone release. The Goophone version of Samsung Galaxy S6 is powered by the MTK6582 quad core 1.3GHz processor. The phone comes with 1GB RAM. Similarly, GooPhone manufactures Samsung Galaxy S6 Elite with a MTK6572 dual core 1.0 GHz and 512 MB memory card. The foremost hardware stats stand nowhere close to the authentic Samsung S6. Meanwhile, one should remember that you will get what you pay for. With such a platform, no phone will be able to offer high performance or one of a kind features. With this being said, would you ever buy a Samsung galaxy s6 replica? Certainly, “No” right? Goophone S6 truly lacks the touch, pristine look, sleek design and edgy nature of Samsung Galaxy S6.


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