The Curiosity N3’s specsheet is an odd one. It’s a quad-core phone. It has a MediaTek MT6582 processor with four cores and a clock speed on 1.3 Ghz, complete with a Mali-400 MP GPU, running Android 4.2 . Now technically, that’s only a tad under a Samsung Galaxy S3’s power. What’s weird is that it has only 512 MB of RAM (in practice, 460 MB). While we’ve seen time and time again that it’s perfectly possible to get by with 512 MB of RAM, we have to question the wisdom of hitching it to a quad-core processor of any kind. It’s like dropping a V6 engine inside a Maruti 800 and expecting it to sound cool. It’s not. What you have is a phone theoretically capable of handling any app on the market, including the highest-end games, but being unable to because of a missing slice of memory.
The screen is this phone’s biggest luxury. While the 480×854 resolution (240 dpi) doesn’t seem like much, it’s an IPS display – a cheaper cousin of what you’ll find in the iPhone. This is as good as it gets in a budget device. It’s crisp, colors are vivid, the screen as a whole is very readable and it’s very responsive. There’s also an 8MP camera on the back (which we’ll test), a 2MP front camera, HSDPA 21 Mbps (not that you’ll ever get those speeds) and a 1750 mAH battery to boot. And dual-sim functionality. It’d be a very rounded package if not the RAM.
Etel also claims 4GB of internal memory, though there’s actually only 1.72 GB that you can use.


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